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Simple yet mighty
The ideal blend of simplicity and power in our scene editor. Designed with user-friendliness at its core, it offers a smooth experience while still packing a punch in terms of functionality.
Rounded corners
Apply rounded corners to any layer: Just drag the corner radius handles, done.
Snapping lines
Align objects for precise design, guided by the canvas area and nearby elements.
One-click flip
Mirror layers vertically and horizontally with ease.
Rotate layers
Rotate layers flawlessly: Select, pivot, perfect.
Scenes and many, many layers
Arrange various elements, such as overlays, images, videos, and text, within each scene. Experience top performance and lightning-fast scene creation, all while taking full advantage of the remarkable capabilities of Apple's macOS ecosystem.
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Post-production effects in real-time
Color filters
Add vibrancy and artistic flair to your visuals. Adjust contrast, saturation, and color grading to achieve the desired look.
Visual Effects
Explore the magic of blur, distortion, and shadows! Elevate your visuals with captivating effects that add depth and personality.
Chroma key
Embrace seamless integration! Chroma key technology removes backgrounds, enabling you to replace them with any desired image or video. Transport yourself to virtual environments, add fun visual effects, or create immersive presentations with ease. With chroma key, you can merge reality and imagination at the touch of a button.
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Unrivaled audio solutions
Audio quality is one of the most important aspects of a stream. Meld brings an ultra-low-latency audio graph that allows you to mix and master your audio with ease.
Audio channel remap & audio delay settings
This powerful tool allows you to rearrange and reassign audio channels, creating unique spatial effects and immersive soundscapes.
Desktop audio capture & audio monitoring
Monitor your various inputs, desktop audio, and application window audio. You can hear every detail and avoid audio issues, ensuring optimal audio quality with minimum feedback delay.
Low-latency audio graph
Experience unrivaled audio features designed to address common challenges, including precise audio syncing, effortless channel routing, source monitoring for seamless audio level control, and unparalleled sound quality. Stream & record with the confidence that audio issues are a thing of the past.
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Download for macOS
Meld Studio is available for Mac, and it's completely free! Windows support is coming soon!
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Built for optimal performance
Get closer to the metal
Meld Studio is the first streaming software natively built for Apple Silicon and engineered to take full advantage of the stunning performance and efficiency of the latest ARM chip architectures — and it's compatible with dozens of the top streaming platforms and creative production products, offering an unparalleled streaming experience.
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The first Metal-powered live stream rendering engine
Meld provides the simplicity and streamlined experience of live streaming products you already know, combined with the best of what creators need to make truly stand-out broadcasts. The first live streaming product made in the last decade built with native, high-performance technologies. Lag and limitations are now a thing of the past: Our advanced rendering engine seamlessly executes stunning visuals in your live streams with maximum performance.
Efficient CPU Usage
We built Meld Studio from the ground up in response to the unmet needs of today's streamers, putting performance at the forefront to take full advantage of the capabilities of your hardware. Meld optimizes CPU performance, ensuring smooth and resource-efficient live streaming and recording sessions. The result is real-time, production-quality effects and exceptional output quality with plenty of space left to game, create, and utilize your computer while live.
Stream Deck integration
Our powerful Elgato Stream Deck plugin lets you maximize control with your Stream Deck device, complete with customizable buttons and macros at your fingertips. Control scenes, effects, sources, audio, and more with a single touch, enhancing your productivity and workflow.
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Made by people who know streaming best
Meld is made up of DJs and gamers, designers and engineers, with one common thread: we're all streamers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities that it brings. We believe there's no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to live stream production, that's why we're dedicated to developing the most powerful live streaming software ever created. Live streaming is more than just a way to broadcast your message to the world. It's an opportunity to connect with your audience, build relationships, and create meaningful experiences that will leave a lasting impression.
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